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Test Your English

Audio: The Anglo-File Collection

Audio recordings to improve your listening and speaking skills in English.

Having understood the concept and usage of the essential structures in English, you want to move on to the next vital step of using them spontaneously when you speak.

Audio exercises will help you to


By listening to and repeating all the language patterns in English over and over again, they will become assimilated and reflexive.

Speak Fluently

Once you have built these reflexes, you can turn off the 'translation mode'. Instead, you will think directly in English and speak spontaneously.

Practice Regularly

Not only can you listen to the audio files on your MP3 player anytime and anywhere, you can also listen to them while you are doing written exercises on our website.

What's included:

1 MP3: Audio Recordings

Included in each Anglo-File are British English audio recordings. These can be used to improve your fluency by listening and repeating the sentences your hear.
Furthermore, these audio recordings can be copied to an MP3 player or CD, giving you the opportunity to listen to these audio tracks on the go.

2 PDF: Anglo-Pedia

To accompany the audio recordings, each Anglo-File also includes a PDF document with explanations and exercises. This PDF document works alongside the audio tracks to enhance your learning experience.

3 Guide: How to...

A step-by-step guide is provided to ensure you make the most out of our Anglo-Files. This guide will explain how to best use the Anglo-Pedia PDF document and the audio recordings. Some useful tips are also included to help you maximise your progress.


Click on an Anglo-File for more information.

  1. Anglo-File 101: Essential Elements 1

  2. Anglo-File 102: Essential Elements 2

  3. Anglo-File 103: Past, Present, Future Simple Tenses

  4. Anglo-File 104: Daily Dialogues

  5. Anglo-File 105: Main Tenses

  6. Anglo-File 106: Word Order

  7. Anglo-File 107: Modal Verbs

  8. Anglo-File 108: Business Dialogues

  9. Anglo-File 109: Negatives

  10. Anglo-File 110: Questions

  11. Anglo-File 111: Conditionals

  12. Anglo-File 112: Passive Structures

  13. Anglo-File 113: Indirect Speech

  14. Anglo-File 114: Gerund / Infinitive

  15. Anglo-File 115: Phrasal Verbs

  16. Anglo-File 116: Prepositions

  17. Anglo-File 117: The English Sound System