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A-F 117: The English Sound System


English is one of the richest languages in terms of sound variation. That is why it is sometimes a challenge for non-native speakers of English to understand native-speakers, or to achieve a good pronunciation themselves. This file introduces you to the different sounds in English and the special ways in which native speakers combine sounds in connected speech. It will greatly help your listening comprehension and you own pronunciation.

*Downloadable (not a physical item)

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Minimal Pairs
  • Consonant Clusters
  • Special Sounds
  • Phonetic Links
  • 83 audio tracks (1h:13m:43s)
  • Anglo-Pedia (PDF)
  • Instruction guide
This item can be downloaded directly from your Client Area after purchase. This item will NOT be posted to you.