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Testimonial (Elisabet Subirana)

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Posted 29 December 2009 - 04:40 pm

"Hi. My name is Elisabet, I come from Spain.

I followed an intensive immersion programme at Angloscene in Rye for three weeks in October 2009. In those three weeks, I learned much more than in one year in Spain. My English improved a lot and many of my mistakes disappeared.

While I was in Rye, I was thinking what would happen to all the things that I had improved. I didn't want to lose anything after my stay. So, while I was there, I asked Minoo about this subject that was worrying me.

She told me about Anglo-Pedia and how it worked. She said that if I used it I wouldn't lose anything that I had learned and I would have the opportunity to learn much more. So, I decided to give Anglo-Pedia a try.

In Anglo-Pedia you can find many exercises in order to continue improving your English! There are clear explanations of all the points, and answer keys to check your answers yourself. To help you fully activate everything in Anglo-Pedia, all the exercises are also available as voice files, so you can practise them orally.

Through the Anglo-Link website, you can also take some English conversation lessons with your Anglo-Link teachers online. They will follow your progress, correcting all the errors that you may still be making, and they will help and answer all your questions. You receive detailed notes of all the points and corrections by e-mail after the lesson. It is really fantastic!

Most people who want to learn English usually start with a private teacher or go to a language school in their own country. Then, they may do an immersion course in England (like I did at Angloscene), and when they come back to their country, they usually continue with the people who were teaching them before going to England. I found that a problem, because I preferred the teaching method at AngloScene. This was another important reason for me to start working with Anglo-Pedia, and taking on-line lessons with Anglo-Link teachers: I can continue improving and learning English like I did in Rye.

Another big advantage of online lessons is that you have the opportunity to practise without seeing your teacher. Everybody knows how difficult it is sometimes to follow a telephone conversation. If you take these online conversation sessions, I'm quite sure that the fear that everybody feels while you are following a telephone conversation will disappear completely! This is what is happening to me now.

There is another fantastic thing: You have complete flexibility to choose the schedule of your classes and the time that you want to spend in each session. If you cannot take any lessons one week, you won't lose anything.

For the past four weeks, I have been talking with my teacher once a week and doing the Anglo-Pedia exercises that she recommends to me. This means that I am reviewing and consolidating everything I had learned on my residential course, and, I can assure you that my English is improving easily and rapidly."

Elisabet Subirana, Premium Member, Barcelona, Spain

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